Garage Door Repair Kirkland, WA


IDoor LLC is a garage door repair company in Washington State. We are equipped with skilled, trained and professional technician who understand the importance of quality products and services. We provide our clients with different kinds of products including Garage Doors, Garage Openers as well as Repair and Maintenance Services at affordable prices

Garage Doors Tracks Repair

Garage Doors tracks get damaged with poor workmanship and poor installation. If your door is hard to open from one side or the other, or there is a sag in it due to damaged tracks, you need to get it fixed before you can't get it open at all. IDoor LLC has been installing garage doors and repairing tracks for King County homeowners since 2011.

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Garage Door Springs And Cables Repair

Garage Door Springs And Cables are critical to the function of your residential or commercial garage door. Your garage door opener depends on these springs and cables to smoothly open and close your garage door. Over time, like any moving part, they will wear out and need replaced. The good news is that new replacement springs are highly durable and come with the same guarantee as the original equipment manufacturer for up to 10 years!


Garage Door Openers Repair

Garage Door Openers are the most important part of a garage door system. In case your garage door opener breaks down, it will be important to call for help as soon as possible. iDoor team has technicians who are fully trained and equipped to handle any problem with your garage door opener.