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Garage Door Springs Repair & Replacement Renton, WA 

Our technicians guarantee that you get professional results with our services. We offer a wide selection of garage door replacement springs for residential or commercial applications. Whether you need a heavy-duty, standard or custom-made spring, we are ready to assist you on the same day. Call us now and receive an estimates 24/7!

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Broken Springs 

How to tell if the garage door springs are broken?


You might be wondering what a broken spring looks like. There are a few ways to tell if one is broken, but the simplest way is to look at how it sits on the pulley.


The stationary cone has an opening in its center for positioning on to either end of your torsion bar. Right before it breaks, you will notice it riding on part of that torsion bar.


If it rides off that bar, then your garage door instruction manual will help you find out how much replacement springs cost and how to install them yourself!


Torsion Springs 

Garage door torsion springs are what make it possible for you to lift your garage door or let it down. Torsion springs are made up of two coils, which are connected by a spring steel constant-force spring. The coils of the torsion spring allow the door to lift up and down easily as they spin along their axis.

The tension on a torsion spring is controlled by a winding cone that's located at its end. When the winding cone is tightened, it causes the torsion spring to tighten up and become more rigid. This makes it easier for your garage door to open and close properly.

You can check your torsion springs on your own by doing a visual inspection of them first. If you notice any signs of damage such as rusting or chipping paint then you should have them replaced immediately since this could mean that they're about to snap or break altogether which would cause the entire garage door system not just this part specifically but also those other components involved in doing so like those tracks or rollers that ride along them while going up or down respectively without them being able to do so properly if at all due

Extension Springs 

When you need to replace your garage door extension springs, it's important to know what you're getting into.

Garage door extension springs are one of the most critical parts of your garage door system. They allow your garage door to move up and down, so that when you open it, it can slide all the way back up, and when you close it, it can come all the way down. When your extension springs are broken or worn out, your garage door will be unable to move—or worse, it might fall down and hurt someone.

When choosing a replacement for your old extension springs, make sure that you know exactly what kind of spring you need for your particular garage door. There are several different types of extension springs that can be used with different kinds of garage doors, so make sure you know exactly what kind of spring you're looking for before buying anything!